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(Ainsley black dress, Calico coat, Liebeskind Berlin bag, Mango blue stone ring, Ax + Apple necklace, Joie boots)

It's been getting more and more chilly, but I'm loving it...especially now that my apartment has become so cozy! Right now, I've been having my mom in town, and now my sister has joined in on the fun! I love having them stay with me. It's like I never left home. Plus, they have been helping me keep my place super organized. I covet the pieces I'm wearing here as if they were my babies. This long, lean Ainsley dress got me hooked the moment I tried it on. I love the classic neckline with the pretty open back. It's easy when you have a boy-like body like bra necessary hehe! Dressed down with a pair of leather boots and a fur coat, I made way for a night out on the town, attending events (oh and bringing my mom along). Sometimes I think the crazy woman's a lot like me!

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like a frightened rabbit

ph: Citati

I didn't even recognize him at first glance, a grey scarf covered most of his face, his blue eyes was the part of him I could see. I sat down beside him on the seat, picking up a quite boring book from my bag.

I think it took me 10 seconds for me to realize it was Him. Ten inches away sat the person I had spent two years dreaming and crying endless nights for. Ten inches away.

His hair was uglier than last I saw him, much greasier; guess he uses hair wax nowadays. At the station before where he really lives, he got out of his seat, hurried to the door and ran out to the platform. Like a scared rabbit. Just like old times when he didn't tell me he was afraid of a serious relationship. He just ran away. Like a frightened rabbit.

The No-Brainer

(A.P.C. Coat, Rugby by Ralph Lauren striped sweater and blouse, Kasil Workshop skinny jeans, Minimarket from Dear Fieldbinder boots, Jeremy Scott for Longchamp bag)

Here I am in between appointments in Soho, getting a bit too comfortable on the city's sidewalks. What started off as a gray morning of drizzle, ended up being one of the most beautiful days I've seen in a while. The unexpected peek of sun gave Soho a heavenly glow and made me want to stay out all evening. I had just finished my castings and was sporting nothing but a classic pair of skinnies, a striped sweater, and structured A.P.C. coat. And ooo, take a look at my new carry-all: the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp bag! I got a hold of it after shooting with one for a feature in Elle Girl Japan (out soon!). I use it to carry my book during castings and I think I get more compliments on the thing than anything else! When I really have no time to make my way through my racks of clothing, this may be my most no-brainer look. And it's my favorite.

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T G I F: 3.30.12



A few ankle breakers platform sandals online that I've been staring at for a disturbing length of time.  Apart from the obvious bare leg, I could see every single one of them with a pair of black or white thin ankle socks + a pretty frock.  Done!!

1.  Chloe Black & Tan wedges - or lookalikes

2. Topshop Lenny. Get black here

3.  Isabel Marant Zora wedges

4.  Isabel Marant Suzy sandals - how similar are these

5.  N.Y.L.A Abbey Wedges

6.  Alice + Olivia Ula sandals

7.  Ralph Lauren Eralita sandals

8.  Topshop Lassie sandals 

we're really cute together

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JewelMint Giveaway

The wide rose gold double ring (and brass bracelet) I'm wearing are from JewelMint and they are giving one WDUGT reader ANY 3 pieces of your choice from their website!!  I choose the winner :-)

How To Win:

  • Register with JewelMint 

  • Leave a comment below of your fave pieces

  • Follow me on twitter & leave your twitter name below.

  • US & Canada readers only

I will pick the winner by tweeting at them this Monday April 2nd by 6pm NY EST (my God April already)?!

Talk to you later!!

ps. Code: GETJM for 50% off your first order (valid till 3/31).

THE FORMULA: A Beauty Story

I'm one who keeps all my beauty routines to a minimum, but I finally sat down with Aimee Blaut of the beauty blog, The Formula, to reveal all. We chat about my latest projects, my skincare routine, and why mom knows best (well, most of the time). Before my interview, we met up on a rainy afternoon at the Milk Studios art gallery to shoot. Wearing some of my favorite pieces, and surrounded by all of my must-have products, I felt most at ease.

Read my entire beauty story here on The Formula. I like when she calls me a babe :)

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
1. Ryder Jumper and Shorts, Vintage Brogues // 2. Sara Phillips Shirt, Kate Sylvester Jumper and Skirt // 3. Vintage Blouse, Jacket and bag, Zara Pants // 4. Flannel Dress, Sylvester Cardigan, Vintage Bag // 5. Vintage Blouse, Skirt, Cardigan and Bag // 6. Vintage Dress and headpiece, Arabella Ramsay Coat // 7. Ryder Jumper and Shorts, Vintage Brogues // 8. Sara Phillips Shirt, Kate Sylvester Jumper and Skirt, Miu Miu Heels, Vintage Bag

A few months ago I collaborated with Jysla Kay and spent the afternoon wandering Centennial Park in the rain. Originally this was intended for an 8 page editorial spread but due to some misinterpreted fine print we were lucky enough to be able to keep this for ourselves instead, and share it with our beautiful readers at the same time. It's the perfect way to introduce you all to Jysla, the talented young photographer who I've been shooting with since Luke was away. Luckily for me she seems to be the pea to my pod, with each shoot flowing in perfect harmony and our creative eye completely in sync. The result? A breezy shoot in the woodlands, inspired by vintage past loves, a crisp autumn breeze, cozy afternoons and the haunting voice of Lana Del Rey. "Life is sweet like cinnamon, like a dream I'm living in", which is kind of how I'm feeling right now with a few big changes on the horizon...

Photography: Jysla Kay // Hair and Make up: Nicole Warne // Styling: Nicole Warne


ph: Anja Mulder

What do you do about first loves? Where do you put them in your heart? Where do you put them in your mind? He will always be a scar like the one from summer camp permanently tarnishing my unblemished skin. Scars are ugly. They are the remnants of a painful, bloody mess. Physical and emotional wounds result in the same consequences. Just because this scar is on my heart and not on my skin doesn’t mean there’s any less of a story or significance. Actually, this invisible wound has a much darker, dismal, severe story to tell. It is far more painful than actual gushing blood and spilling guts resulting from adolescent clumsiness. I hardly ever notice the scar on my leg; I only remember it is there when someone asks about how I got such a gash. I wish I could do that with my heart. Only, no one would observe this internal mark, so it would never be brought up again. I think my mentality about this scar is flawed. I must think about it like my leg. The event happened; it hurt badly; I cried; but it has not affected me in any way ever since the stitches came out and the skin molded itself back together. It’s just there. Nothing more; nothing less. He will always be there to some extent. He co-piloted my youth, so undoubtedly, when I reminisce on those days, he will be in those recollections. But he will just be there. Nothing more; nothing less.

My heart has somehow managed to repair itself; the pieces I’ve haphazardly stitched together over the past year have somehow managed to mend. The blood once escaping profusely, depriving me of life and exuberance, is now coagulating. My heart has a beat. But it isn’t the same heart I had before this debacle. It has his name permanently engraved there. Like lost lovers’ names on an old tree. But, the tree still thrives regardless of the deep cuts into its flesh; its foliage is green and lush. This must signify that I can still flourish, despite his mark on my heart. Giveaway: A Year of Weekly Manicures!

So I've got a little secret, I'm really into It's basically the lead destination for urban woman in cities like NYC, Chicago, LA, and San Fran to book beauty appointments at a major discount. The deals are unbeatable and I'm always checking the site to see where to get my next haircut, manicure, massages, or whatever else is necessary at the time! At around 70% off any beauty service, I always score big!

Soooo, enough said, I'm treating one lucky reader to a YEAR of free weekly manicures!!

The lucky winner is going to be one happy camper with the prettiest nails EVER.

To win the Lifebooker giveaway simply:

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This may be one of my most exciting giveaways! It's heaven, really!

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Happy Feet

The bright pink Sigerson Morrison beauties that I wore to the Taylor Tomasi x Sigerson Morrison event at The Bowery Hotel the other night. I snagged this picture of my feet off Street Peeper! I can't wait to show you the rest of my look from this event!

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Zuzanna and I were meant to bump into each other:  I saw her 2 hours earlier crossing the road with a friend and I stopped to consider running up to ask for a snap. I changed my mind. Regretting it of course.  Later that day I see her coming towards me at a completely different location.

It was the cobalt blue bag (currently obsessing) and faded denim shirt that caught my eye.  The shot was taken on a freakishly warm afternoon.

Her leather and chain strap bag is by Chloe.

Where You Get The Look:

Topshop denim shirt

ASOS Slouch T-shirt

Cheap Monday Maxi skirt with front split

DVF or Jeffrey Campbell thong sandals

Kristen Elspeth Oval Bangle

Alexander Wang Marion

Rebecca Minkoff MAC in cobalt

Clare Vivier suede tote