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Ginta Lapina swings into motion exiting Lanvin

What's not to love about Ginta? She's got energy that would make Superheroes envious!

Aline Weber from Balmain @ 3pm to Barbara Bui @ 4pm

Credit should be given where credit is due. Can you believe Aline walked Balmain at 3 pm, then walked Barbara Bui at 4?! Add in traffic between shows hair, makeup, & putting on a new outfit a designer took months to create and you get "the eye of the storm". It took all of 5 minutes to get her ready. She was calm as a cucumber after Barbara Bui and I thought this still shot best reflected that moment of poise. Well done Aline.

Ming Xi

Make sure to have a visit to the new FORDMODELSFASHION.COM site while you are at it.

New Face to Watch: Valerija Sestic (Women, NY) exits Dsquared² at #MFW

Let's just say Valerija is under the skillful management at Women Model Management in New York. I'll be sure to look out for her in the editorial and campaign season.

Announcing the FORD models/altamira collaboration

New Face to Watch: Erjona Ala (FORD, NY) exits Costume National

A lot of modeling agencies are stuck in the Print Era Paradigm--pre-internet thinking in which the Old School hierarchy of exclusivity dominated the management of models visibility. While this system may still warrant merit, the general lack of adaptability with regards to original content via the internet is appalling. Some agencies are kidding themselves if they think republishing editorial, campaign, or runway shots online will generate a sustainable presence. The editors of today may visit an agency site to get a models stats, but the editors of tomorrow will have grown up learning models names through tumblr, blogspot, and other social media. Modeling Agencies that fail to adapt now to the Internet Era Paradigm and it's vast plethora of opportunity will be still be riding horse and buggy while their competitors speed it out in Maybachs. The internet revolution is here and it's happening in Real Time.

I can't think of single better agency to team up with for the fashion season besides FORD models. Have a click on the previous link to see what I've been up to. They get it. In the same way Henry Ford said he'd belt the earth with his cars before the highways and roads for the cars even existed, FORD models is doing the same online. They dare to venture where other agencies fail to tread. They understand the Bookings Editor's of tomorrow are the teens of today on tumblr and iphones. Agencies which reproduce Print Era thinking online as their sole source of internet presence may as well have a horse tug a Model-T chained to it's back when they could just make their own car to begin with.

Even the fashion industry which for so long tried to protect it's exclusivity has gone on the record about the power of the internet many times. In her Interview Magazine article with Joseph Altuzarra, Anna Dello Russo remarked:

ANNA DELLO RUSSO: You’ve only done four collections and already you’re more popular than Tom Ford. How do you think that happened?

JOSEPH ALTUZARRA: [laughs] I think it’s because of the Internet. You can build a brand very fast now, especially with bloggers and how fast images can get out—the message just goes out faster and stronger than ever before.

And in similar fashion at the IFB Conference in 2011, Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler remarked, "Blogs posting things about us, going viral, spreading throughout the has an extraordinary impact on the business"

With the speed at which images travel online now, a models off duty image is half the battle. Her sense of style and fashion can rapidly propel her press image online. Some within the modeling industry "get it" like Casting Director Jennifer Starr who was quoted by New York Magazine recently:
"Model street style has blown up significantly in the past few years, what do you make of it?

There is no doubt in my mind that if you have authentic personal style, it will help you as a model. Look at models like Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee, Freja Beha, and Daria Webowy, all of whom have great style. Personal style indicates to me that you have a great sense of self. The key is having authentic style. You must feel comfortable with the image you're projecting; otherwise, it's obvious you're trying too hard."
And in an interview I conducted with Sarah Doukas, the founder of STORM models who discovered Kate Moss in JFK airport:
"Craig: Can a models sense of style positively impact her career?

Sarah: I definitely think it can positively impact her career. It's got to be simple but the point about that question is, that if they have absolutely no style and they go out just not looking great, they're wearing very unflattering clothes and things like that, then it's definitely going to have a negative impact."
Every home has a computer, but not every home has a copy of American Vogue or Paris Vogue. A new generation is growing up with the internet literally at their fingertips. And I can't think of an agency that I'd be more proud to work with at this moment in time than FORD models. If you haven't checked out the site, go now.

New Face to Watch: Nadine Ponce (Brazil) exits the Dolce & Gabbana show

I love it when a new model has effortless style: the shape of the sleeves, the stripes, the simple black almond toe pumps.

Nadine didn't walk any shows in New York, but has walked key directional shows in London like Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoli, and Christopher Kane. She's also walked directional shows in Milan like Prada, Marni, Missoni, and today Dolce & Gabbana. I'll be looking for her in Dries and Miu Miu in Paris for sure.

Arizona Muse exits Dolce & Gabbana at #MFW


(topshop booties, zara trousers, f21 blouse+sweater)

Kicking off the start of Fall with my new Topshop leopard booties!

AllSaints Spitalfields

Here are a few more retail eye candy from the Chicago trip. (AllSaints on Michigan Ave.)


These AllSaints' kids wear are so fresh!

So stinkin' cute! (photo credit: AllSaints)

Karlie Kloss exits Blumarine on Day 3 of #MFW

Cut off denim shorts with a cable knit sweater (sleeves rolled up) for a an easy seasonal transitory outfit for fashion week from summer to fall.


via Vogue

1. Theyskens' Theory high-rise/ low-rise denim
2. Patrik Ervell custom Red Wing shoes with lucite wedge and this overall look

Just a few things that stood out to me this season. Clever + cool.

In other news, MARC JACOBS ordered my book. I will be stocked in his bookstore, Bookmarc starting in March! Exciting, yeah?

Natasha Poly exits Fendi on Day 2 of #MFW


Thanks DISfunkshion Magazine for the interview!
Check it out >> here!

Abbey Lee exits Gucci on Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week

Ciao Milano! Today's best dressed model just for you from Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week--Abbey Lee :)

NEW: the altamira/L'oreal Paris YOURSTYLEYOURSTUDIO.COM collaboration

Click HERE now. Read more below.

As you know, I've been covering all four fashion weeks or what is more easily called Fashion MONTH for 3 years now. This season, L'Oreal Paris approached me about what could become the next huge niche in the fashion industry online: a user generated hair style site. Think about it. First was street. Then was personal style. Now there are a few beauty blogs. And now there is, the first user generated personal hair style site. You can spend endless hours uploading your own looks or surfing some of the coolest hair styles from around the world: Mod Squad, The Modern Bouffant, and Braids Envy to name a few.

Above are just a few examples of inspirational hair from London Fashion Week: opening with Nadia aka the blogger FrouFrouu and closing with Peony Lim's amazing hair.

Take heed my dear readers and go forth and upload your own inspirations now while history is in the making at

AM & PM with stylist Caroline Sieber at London Fashion Week

Monday AM exiting the Christopher Kane show

Monday PM exiting the Burberry show

Oh, how I've missed you..

Chicago, IL

The Delevingne sisters take the Burberry show by Storm

Poppy Delevingne (Storm, London) exits the SS12 Burberry show at London Fashion Week

Cara Delevingne (Storm, London) exits the SS12 Burberry show at London Fashion Week

By the way, it's pronounced Bur-brie (as in the cheese) by the Brits and not Bur-berry (as in the fruit). And to think I was like all "American" sounding going Bur-berry all these years!

I think the contrast between the two sisters style as seen in these pics from today is quite interesting, don't you think?

p.s. and in having nothing to do with the Delevingne sisters and everything to do with street style, make sure to hop over to the new L'Oreal Paris Your Style Your Studio for hair site by clicking HERE. It's genius surfing hair styles uploaded by people from around the world.

kicking dirt

American Apparel crop top, thrifted skirt, H&M Conscious Collection denim jacket courtesy of H&M, Acne "Raya" shoes

We found this empty baseball field while wandering around the hills of San Francisco.

I got this jacket as part of the H&M Conscious Collection which came out in May. I've worn it so much it's still a bit dirty around the edges. They were so gracious to send me to Coachella, dress me in head-to-toe H&M, and provide me with my very own driver, Moe. I'll never forget it.

This weekend, I saw the movie Drive. Basically, I will watch anything with Ryan Gosling in it. But the soundtrack is also excellent (in case anyone was looking for something to listen to). I sort of feel like a heroine in some nineties movie about high school in these pictures. WHY DIDN'T YOU WRITE ME RYAN?

Samantha Gradoville exits the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week

Samantha is always friendly and consistently displays a willingness to work with the press as I always see her slow down if not completely stop for other cameras.

Runway + Editorial + Campaign = increased booking value in the Old School paradigm

Runway + Editorial + Campaign + Internet Press = increased booking value in Internet Revolution, the New School way.

London Fashion Week

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know
I am still alive haha. Sorry I've been posting so inconsistently.
I have been so busy lately on various projects. Well, I hope I can
make up for it a little with some live stream footage of London Fashion Week!
New Paintings hopefully coming soon. In the mean time, enjoy!
Also, thanks so much to Rightster for providing the video!

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