Mina Cvetkovic in the Dark

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Supreme Model Management top girl Mina Cvetkovic she is painting like a photo negative

Aw! It's been forever! How are you all?
I have been out of control busy! And I am just
getting over the flu! So brutal! Most of my
family got really sick this week. It was awful!
So glad we are all starting to recover.
So this painting is one I did a few weeks back.
It is of Mina Cvetkovic, and is definitely trippy!
Haha! I was playing around with some different paper
and modifying a few old techniques.
I hope you all like it and are doing great : )

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art house

TSR shirt courtesy of TSR, Levi's corduroy shorts, H&M men's belt, Acne "Raya" shoes, Nixon watch, Margiela bracelet

I'm in LA hanging out with Chris Ofili paintings and this series of portraits of Japanese girls squatting without underwear. Makes sense.

Orange & Turquoise

Zara skirt, Quail bandeau (c/o of Quail), random blazer, Aldo shoes, Amrita Singh/Milor jewelry

Sporting a few bold colors before the summer ends! So who's ready for fall season? I already have so many outfits in mind! Can't wait.

I N G R I D . S T A R N E S .N Z F W . 1 2 .

With only knowing a handful of designers showing at NZFW it's amazing being deep in the unknown, writing completely unbiased reviews based only on what you've seen and taken in during their 15 minute show. Discovering new designers and starting a love affair with their line for years to come is the most exciting part of any fashion week, and I've definitely fallen in love with a few newcomers after the first day of NZFW already.

The first being Ingrid Starnes, a NZ based designer and the very first show to open day one of NZFW. Launching her label in 2009, Ingrid is no stranger to the NZ fashion scene and started her journey at none other than Kate Sylvester, one of New Zealand's greatest fashion houses. This stunning collection was full of feminine tailored suits and double breasted coats styled impeccably over pretty and dainty lace, floral or button up shirts. The entire collection flowed so beautifully as look after look was sent down the floral runway. A few inspiring colour combinations caught my eye which to be honest I never would have thought would work together, but do? Bold red and cobalt blue were mixed with autumn floral prints and khaki stockings with navy, yellow and mustard always working all too well together. The very best part? Ingrid incorporates natural materials and traditional elements into her collections using vintage laces and embroidery. She also designs her own signature prints and dyes her own silks to custom colourways to ensure pieces remain exclusive. Eco-friendly, exclusive and vintage? Why Ingrid I think I've run out of reasons not to love you.

part 2

The Weeknd - The Birds (Part 2)

Desire without consolation.

N Z F W . 1 2 .

So I arrived safely in New Zealand on Sunday afternoon after 4 hours of sleep and a few missed trains to the airport, as always. Yesterday NZFW had the wonderful idea of setting up a yoga class to help us to relax for the busy week ahead. I've only ever done yoga a few times before and it was so refreshing to clear my mind and see everyone without the heels and makeup pre-fashion week. Shortly after NZFW mode kicked in and we were off to visit the Lonely Hearts studio and Stolen Girlfriends Club, then it was straight off to the MAC x NZFW Opening Ceremony and a beautiful dinner afterward with the NZFW team - Emily from Little Black Book, Marcella from Fashion Distraction and her boyfriend and Yvan from Facehunter. A very exciting week ahead that I just can't wait to share with you all. Absolutely jumping out of my skin to see my favorite NZ designer Ruby tomorrow. Currently sitting in the media lounge of Day One with freshly baked cupcakes and way too many photos to edit. NZFW posts coming soon if I can think straight for a few minutes. The atmosphere here is absolutely buzzing!

Weekend Inspiration

[credit: tfs]

R O D E O . S H O W .

(Photographer: Steven Chee / Stylist: Sarah Bonett / Model: Krystal Glynn / Hair & Make-up: Anastasia Pappas)

Loving the latest Spring/Summer look book from Australian designer Rodeo Show. You would all know by now I have a major weakness for whimsical lighting, romantic settings and a pretty, feminine and vintage-inspired aesthetic. It seems Rodeo Show have found the perfect balance between simple yet sophisticated pieces with their beautiful use of flowing and flattering silks, delicate lace and feminine frills. Sometimes designers can go a little overboard with sweetness and add frills, bows and pleats all at once and in all the wrong places. Less is always more and Rodeo Show seem to have got it just right. I think that lace collared shirt will be the perfect addition to break up my plain shirt collection too. Also might have a slight girl crush on Krystal Glynn after shooting with her for the General Pants Co campaign. She seems to be popping up in every other campaign at the moment and I still can't believe she's only 16. Amazing.

D O T T Y . C H L O E .

(Rodeo Show Dress, See By Chloe Bag)

You know you're dedicated to your blog when you start to panic for not being online for a few days and you start to have dreams about doing posts. Time seems to have slipped away from me again. I had to fly to Melbourne yesterday and I'm leaving for NZFW on Sunday, flying back into Sydney on Wednesday then straight off to NY/LA the next morning. I haven't done anything at all to prepare myself even though I know I'll regret it the night before I leave. That's just me, leaving everything to last minute and working better and faster under pressure. Instead I've spent the past week preparing the store and shooting stock to backlog for when I'm away. To be honest I kind of feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew. I haven't had a holiday since I opened the store nearly two years ago so I had a somewhat warped perception of the amount of stock I could get done, but I'm nearly there. So daunting, scary and nerve racking to leave the store for 5 weeks but hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Recently purchased this See By Chloe Dotty Satchel for my travels. It's the perfect size to fit all of my cameras as well as all the other things a girl doesn't really need to carry with her, but does. Can't wait to break her in and show her around New Zealand next week!

Gold Rush.

Jordan Taylor beachy cover-up, DKNY skirt, BCBGeneration wedges

Incorporated a J. Taylor cover up into today's outfit. I just love how it's incredibly sheer and light weight making this hot weather more bearable! It was also worn frolicking at the beach last weekend. The wild child sticking out his tongue in the last photo is my adorable two year old nephew!

Hope everyone stay cool out there. Catch you guys in my next post!