missed connections

Acne sweater and shorts, Gap jacket, Alex & Ani bangles courtesy of Alex & Ani, Topshop boots

you know that story?

how someone was flying over the ocean

and looked down

and saw people

and he said to someone "look! they're waving at us"

and he was told "no, they're drowning"

Living in a Glass of Water - Inspiration Friday

Beautiful inspiration friday photo of Pretty Russian Model Sasha Pivovarova blue eyes the picture is by Photographer Olaf Wipperfürth
a Pretty black and white photo of a girl looking up through leaves picture by photographer jimmy backius
Two inspiration friday Pictures that are tinted blue one is of two lovers head to head, the other is of tree branches.
A Black and white photo of a girls head coming out of the water as she is swimming looking into the camera inspiration friday picture by jimmy backius

Photos by Olaf Wipperfürth, jimmy backius, and not sure what the 3rd image is from.

Happy Inspiration Friday!
The Theme for this week is Living in a Glass of Water.
I know it's kinda a strange theme,
But this week Dave (my brother) and i were talking about how, when we used to have to make weight (for Wrestling tournaments), when we would go swimming, it would feel like we were swimming in a cold glass of water! hahah
i know, i know, kinda strange but it's what inspired this theme! haha
Well i hope you like it :)

P.S. The oil painting is shaping up, finished the underpainting and first glaze coat. and going to work more on it today :)

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only the dead stay seventeen forever

Photography by Nobuyoshi Araki

Flowers as memento mori.


via tsf

Photography by Inez & Vinoodh

Great cover.

Story Book Concept Drawing - Tom's House

A black and white sketch by Artist Danny Roberts of a bavarian Cottage Tree House for his Children

Hi, everyone!
How are you?! : )
As I mentioned, I've been oil painting a lot lately and really enjoying it.
I think the painting is starting to take shape now, and I'm getting excited about it.
Hopefully it will turn out cool and I'll have something fun
to share with you! Also, I might have a new video coming soon.
So my friend Carolina and I have always talked about building a giant tree house,
and I decided to design one! Haha This is my drawing of it. I hope you like it!

P.S. this is pretty much my dream home ;)
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cool off

via tp

Photography by Peter Lindbergh

Foggy Dream Walking

Artist Danny Roberts Digital Painting Concept Sketch of a girl with an umbrella

Hey Friends how was your weekend?
Mine was great!
My Sister and brother-in-law got me this amazing book from the Tim Burton exhibit
at LACMA, so i have been looking through it non-stop for the last two days!
I'm really excited to see what kind of art it will inspire :)
I'm also working on a new oil painting...
I've only done the first two layers of paint, but once it starts taking shape i will start posting pictures :)

Since i just started oil painting more lately, I thought it would be interesting to take what i'm learning and apply it over to digital painting. The Picture above is what i came up with. I like how it's a little bit different than my usual.
What do you think?

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the collector

His place was like a museum. There was so much art everywhere. I went upstairs to use the bathroom. More art wrapped up in paper. "Careful not to touch anything," I told myself. Then I tripped on a vacuum cleaner... damn.

I was his object.

In the morning, I woke up next to him; it felt nice to be close. I noticed he put up a new painting. Pretty. I watched him get ready to take a shower; a cue for me to get dressed.

On my way out, he asked me, "How's your life?" to which I responded by looking away. He asked me again, "How's your life?"

"It's fine," I said.

Except it wasn't fine.

"I read your Facebook. The one about the girl in the New York Times. It was funny."

I couldn't remember what he was talking about. He was reading up on me. But I was right here.

"Are those shoes new?"

I wore them on our first date.

"Did you cut your hair?"

Like a month ago.

Collectors are like that. They don't have to interact with their beloved objects all the time. It's just... there. And every now and then they take an interest, but otherwise, there's no upkeep. His life was like a museum. Well curated. But poorly kept.

how's your life?

I sat on a friend's patio in Lake Tahoe exchanging love letters with someone who was very far away.

Don't fade away from me, okay? I wrote. Except it wasn't really a question. It felt more like I was talking to myself.

I get so anxious these days. My back hurts. And every morning I have to crack my right elbow just to feel some kind of relief.

In Tahoe, I would wake up before everyone else, drink a glass of water, read every article about Rupert Murdoch, and stare at the lake.

I like having you around... it's nice to have someone to share my thoughts with. Talking to myself again.

It's kind of funny how close you feel to someone who's so far away. I wasn't sure what he was doing in Europe. To be honest, I didn't ask.

That night, I got a text back.

I am in Spain where English news abounds. The downfall of Murdoch has been wonderful to watch as he has been the proverbial boogeyman who has haunted since my childhood.

As for the rest, we are both restless. There is a language we share that few others recognize. I would be lying if I said I didn't think of you fondly, and often. The like functionality of being around is a door that swings both ways.

Your thoughts are embraced wherever I exist.

The air was nice; I slept outside. The lake is beautiful at night. They say thinking about the future can be so pleasurable that sometimes we'd rather think about it than get there. I was afraid. I was afraid that next time would not be as perfect as this.

I knew when I'd see him, he'd ask me, "How's your life?" This time I wouldn't have an answer. What happens when "How's your life?" no longer becomes relevant.


Quite possibly the most relaxing long weekend of my life. Let's just say, when your biggest decision of the day consists of, "hot dog or hamburger?", "pool or beach?," you know you have it made.

The most amazing and terrifying experience was jumping off a fifty foot cliff into a river at Emerald Pools in Lake Tahoe. It's so out of character for me. But that's exactly why I did it. And with all your friends jumping and telling you that it's safe (it's really really not), I knew I would never be able to have this moment again.

a few staples:

T by Alexander Wang sweater, UNIF t-shirt

A few staples: I like clean clothes that look good dirty. Slightly subversive, but not obnoxiously so.

McQueen's Girl

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of a girl in the Forest Wearing a dress Alexander Mcqueen fall 2006

How was your weekend? Mine was amazing! We saw the last Harry Potter movie and it was incredible!
Thank you for all your support on the Dream Walking Society Ep!
It really means a lot. :)
The picture today is one i did last week.
There is something about it i really like.
I think it's the soft mellow vibe.
It sort of has the feel of a dream i had a few days ago.
The mediums i used were fluid inks, pens, & pencils.
And the dress is one of my favorite dresses from Alexander McQueen fall 2006.
I really hope you like it,
and hope you're having a great day!

P.S. Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes! You all are amazing :)
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chipped paint

1. Margiela SS11 bracelet via Selectism

2. Hedi Slimane

3. Lana Del Rey

Chipped paint, sweet rides, and the most beautiful song in the world.

denim x 2

Top: Ellison shirt courtesy of Shock Boutique, Seven "A" pocket flares, H&M men's belt
Bottom: Jcrew shirt, Levi's diy shorts, drugstore sheer tights

What I've been wearing lately. Mostly worn with a pair of Margiela sandals and my first ever pedicure (it's the truth). I retired my plaid shirt in favor of this blue gingham. But now I think I should retire these denim shorts as well. I ordered a pair of Acne faded black chinos which fit absolutely perfect. Always a fan of low rise. Is it sad I don't own more clothes? I just want everything to look like I've owned it for years.

The Dream Walking Society - EP on itunes!

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Miette for the Dream Walking Society Runaways Ep by Tim Frost and Danny Roberts
This is a picture of the back cover of the dream walking society album notes that says Andy Freeman- Bay Area Tone- Mix & Mastering<br />Danny Roberts - Piano, String arrangements Katy McDonald - Vocals & Lyrics Ryan Baxley - Vocals & Lyrics Tim Frost - Instrumentation, arrangements

Yay! It's Finally Here!
Well this is just the start of many more to come.
But my friend Tim Frost and I have been working for about a year on putting a full length album together.
The album is going to be 21 songs.
We thought that it was time to put out the ep for the album, now that we are about half way done with the full length.
The last couple months have been kinda hectic trying to wrap this project up.
I'm so excited for you all to hear the songs!
I do you hope you like them.

Click here to go to itunes

The Album is only $4.95 on itunes.
It would be amazing if you could help us get the word out about it!
I hope you like it and hope you're having a great day!

P.S. Special Thanks to Andy Freeman & Bay Area Tone for Mixing and Mastering everything, and thank you to my good friend Mr. Ryan Baxley for singing and writing on "Waking in a Dream", and thank you to Katy McDonald for your wonderful vocals and lyrics on "The Dream Walker".

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Girls will always be girls.

Wearing a very girly and playful Erin Fetherston x Target chiffon dress, vintage loafers


"I think personal style starts from within because it's a philosophy and an attitude. If you're honest and true to yourself, you will have the best sense of personal style. If you try and be someone else, it will never work because it's always very transparent when somebody is trying to mimic someone else. Less is always more with personal style. Just know yourself, know what works for you and be naturally confident in expressing that." --Stella McCartney

A Little Preview of the Runaways Ep

Hi, everyone! I'm excited to say that our EP comes out next Tuesday!!!

I can't wait for you to hear all of it! Well i thought i would post a quick video my friend made with one of the songs as a little preview. I hope you like :)

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1. Megan Fox porn
2. Margiela sandals and Essie "Funky Limelight"

Natalia & Neva

Artist Danny Roberts drawing painting of Natalia Vodianova & her Daughter Neva based on the by Mario Testino American Vogue Editorial Field of Dreams November 2008

Happy 4th of July!
Well my friends, i'm really excited to show you this mixed media picture
I did of the lovely Natalia Vodianova & her daughter Neva.
The picture is from Mario Testino's "Field of Dreams" editorial in American Vogue's November 2008 issue.
It's one of the sweetest softest pictures, which has made me want to paint it for a while now.
I think i have been getting a little bored with painting editorials where the models just gave a pout,
and their personality doesn't shine through, so i've been trying to find images that have more emotion and feeling.
I love trying to convey that feeling through different mediums.
I really like how this one turned out. It has a slightly different feel than my other pictures.
I think it's because of the subject matter being a mother and daughter.
What do you think?
I hope you like it!

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city of 7's

"If San Francisco is a city of 7's. Portland is like a city of 3's."

"Well… what am I?"

"You're kind of in your own world. You've got kind of a fucked up aesthetic. And you've got kind of a fucked up way of talking."

That was the first time I'd ever heard myself described so succinctly. For the rest of the night I kept thinking, I just want him to show me things. I just want him to show me everything...

But the timing was off.

For weeks and months we would try to get together. I think about all the questions I wanted to ask him. The advice I wanted him to give me. But when the time came it was either too late, or not appropriate, or the movie was starting, or I'd honestly just forgotten.

I wanted to look nice for him. Something would always go wrong there too. I remember putting on my favorite dress. It was cold so I decided to grab stockings. These look nice, I thought. When I put them on they were ripped. Totally ripped.

He started to fade away. I could feel it. They say it's better to burn out than to fade away. I wanted reassurance. I wanted him to say, "Baby, I'll be gone for awhile. Don't worry. I'm still here. Wait for me."

I guess... just because you "get" someone. Doesn't mean you know what to do with them.