TSR shirt courtesy of TSR, Levi's diy denim shorts, Topshop boots

I really want to go platinum blonde. I'm just not ready... yet.

In Vogue Girl Korea!

This is the cover of Vogue Girl Korea July 2011
This is a picture of Leith Clark, Anne-Catherine Frey, Danny Roberts, Julia Frakes, Jane Keltner De Valle, Tommy Ton, and Prabal Gurung in Vogue Girl Korea July 2011

Hi, friends!
I have some very exciting news!
I'm in Vogue Girl Korea! Aw, so fun!
I'm delighted to be featured along with my
friends Julia Frakes, Jane Keltner De Valle of Teen Vogue, and Tommy Ton, as well as
Leith Clark of the wonderful Lula Magazine, Anne-Catherine Frey, and Prabal Gurung. What an honor!
The issue was featuring vacations for summer.
I sent a picture of me drawing in my friend Alice's parents' house
on the north shore of the island of Oahu. I was with a group of
my very close friends and after a long day in the ocean and the sun
I came inside to rest and draw in my sketchbook. : )
Thank you so much to Vogue Girl for including me!

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Christian Dior Couture 2011

This is a drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts of Christian Dior Couture Collection

Hi, everyone!How are you? : )
I just finished this last night and
I am very excitedto share it with you!
This drawing is of a garment from Christian Dior 2011 Couture Collection.
I hope you like it!

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(H&M shorts/bag, vintage blouse, Milor bracelet, Giuseppe Zanotti boots)

Wearing a bubble gum colored blouse, denim shorts from H&M, and my new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti suede booties!

Thanks for all the kind comments on my previous posts! I've been traveling like crazy and is just getting back into the swing of things again. I hope to visit my fellow blogmates when I get a chance!! xoxo

What I See When I Close My Eyes

Artist Danny Roberts Self portrait of kissing a beautiful girl both profile eyes close

Hey friends!
How are you?
Had a pretty relaxing weekend,
So spent the last week getting everything to release the EP my friend & I did.
I'm super excited about it.
It's going to be released July 12!

The Painting today is one of my favorite new pictures.
I think it's one of my all time favorite self-portraits.
it's kind of trippy how much it looks like me! haha
There is a strange dream like feel to the picture.
Let me know what you think.
I hope you like it :)

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Disney Photo Diary

A few fun photos and outfits from the happiest place on Earth.

Natalia Vodianova - Mixed Media

Mixed media painting of Natalia Vodianova by fashion artist Danny Roberts

Hello everyone! I hope you are great!
Today's picture is of Natalia Vodianova.
She is amazing, don't you think?
I did this with both real and digital media.
It's kind of trippy looking haha
I hope you all like it! : )

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Free People shorts, Michael Kors belt, BCBGeneration wedges, Yumi Kim blouse(c/o of Yumi Kim), Kooba bag (c/o of Kooba)

Hitting up Disney for the weekend!! See you guys when I get back!


Sarah Jaffe for ELIZA Magazine

Hi, friends!

I'm happy to share a painting with you that I did of my
friend Sarah Jaffe, based on a photo by my friend Chris Phelps
for ELIZA Magazine run by my friend Summer. Yay, friends!
Its so fun to get to do a good collaboration, especially with friends.
It's been so rad to see Sarah get some momentum and great reviews!
One of her songs was featured recently on!
Sarah's album Suburban Nature is available on iTunes, if you want to check it out : )

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Zara pants, JMD scallop tank

Wearing a chiffon tank embroidered with hand sewn beading. I love wearing this top for the summer! The scalloped beads are cold to the touch and give the top a slight weight that’s fun to wear.

Oxygen Cover - First Idea

Concept Painting by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for a Cover of Oxygen Magazine

Hi, friends!
Wow! Have been so busy! Been working on the story
like crazy! Also, I got see my friend Sarah Jaffe
play right by my house on Sunday! She sounded so good!
Cleaning up my room right now cause I my Friends Tim and Dee and
there son Odin are coming into to town.
I'm so excited to hang out with them this week : )

The painting today is my first magazine cover idea for Oxygen magazine
from a while ago. We ended up using a brighter image for cover,
but I thought this was a trippy drawing.
I hope you are having a great week! : )

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