A . D R E A M . S T A T E .

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This time last year I'm pretty sure I was jumping up and down on the side of a cliff (here) with a few foil love heart balloons, ready to welcome the new year and to celebrate my blog's first ever birthday. Well, seeing as this is my last outfit post for 2011 I thought I would carry on the tradition and put a little more effort into this special end of year post. This year I opted for a red lace and pleated dress by an up and coming designer from Queensland called The Babushka Ballerina, which we shot on a picturesque dry lake down in Tasmania. It catches the wind perfectly and with a slight breeze becomes full of volume and resembles the petals of an open rose. The perfect dreamy dress to help my mind wander into its usual whimsical and unrealistic state.

So with another year drawing to an end and another year full of your incredible love and support, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you - new and old readers alike - for taking the time to visit my blog. Whether it be once a day or once a year, a comment, a tweet, or a 'like', it all matters to me so thank you over and over again. So many amazing opportunities await us in 2012 and I just cannot wait to see what this exciting new year will bring for us. I have a feeling it's going to be our best year yet. So as I said last year, here's to a new year full of light, love, happiness and health, with no fear and absolutely no looking back. Wherever you are in the world, whatever you inspire to be, always remember to do what you love and do it well. Leave them all behind. Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt.

Global Socializing: Dandy Good Times from Riga, Latvia

So when I did my Baltic State "tour" I dropped off to get the inside scoop on the state of Baltic Fashion straight from the "horses mouth" (an American phrase) at Dandy Model Management. Nils, the model management founder (on left), made some coffee while we talked about everything from discovering Ginta Lapina and Ieva Laguna to the politics of fashion in Riga, Latvia. It was interesting to note the differences in challenges between a smaller mother agency faces versus the bigger agencies in New York. Click the above photo to take you to the Dandy Blog feature regarding my visit.

Karlie Kloss (Next, NY)

In a world (the fashion world) where people commonly mistake their public image of who they represent with who they really are on the inside, it's always freeing to meet someone who intuitively makes you feel like they know who they truly are on their inside. I've always felt a bit of this authenticity with Karlie which I think this picture displays.

It's Almost Over..

(Elena Solano jacket, Forever 21 cardigan, Zara tee, S.S. lace shorts, Calvin Klein boots, Tre Vero bag)

I can't believe this year is almost over. It's been one incredible year and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me! Thank you so much to all my wonderful readers who continues to read and support this little blog of mine.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays!!



G I V I N G .

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Every year I spend my Christmas break visiting my family in Tasmania. It's such a nice and refreshing break from this crazy online world, being able to escape and have some time offline with the people I love. With no reception and no internet it really helps to put everything into perspective and to asses what I really want from this life. So this post isn't dedicated to an outfit, a designer, or a new purchase, but instead to the best present I have ever received (and one I plan on giving each year) - the gift of life. My sister-in-law added these to our presents this year and I thought it was so perfect I wanted to share it with you all. If you owe a few belated Christmas presents or have a birthday coming up this is one of the best presents you can ask for. A mere $5 can buy water purification tablets for a family, $15 can buy vitamins for young children, or $30 for something a simple as a warm blanket. It's crazy how a few dollars can provide basic necessities that we take for granted every single day. You can purchase various gifts from World Vision HERE. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with the people you love, and I can't wait to finish 2011 with you in style! x

what's that jacket?

1. Found the MMM store in LA
2. White girl rap is real


Stolen Girlfriends Club sweater courtesy of Dear Fieldbinder, Zara jeans, H&M men's belt, Margiela boots, Alexander Wang bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Is there a way to wear a fuzzy angora sweater without looking like you have an attitude problem? All signs point to no.

Siri Tollerod (DNA, NY)


The Weeknd - Dirty Diana

And the story continues...

What's Contemporary - The Full Set

Artist danny roberts collage for Whats Contemporaryof his aunt teaching a boy how to read1910 collage photo of artist danny roberts grandpa for his whats contemporary issue turn of the century collage image of a boy in a boat with butterfly wings whats contemporary issueArtist danny roberts collage for Whats Contemporaryof his aunt and uncle standing infront of a a japanese yenArtist danny roberts mom mary roberts and aunt in whats contemporary issue collageA collage image from Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his issue of Whats Contemporary Photo is of Danny Aunt Gina As a kid in 1940A dreamy looking photo of danny roberts mother marry roberts in a wedding dress for whats contemporary issueDanny Roberts digital sketch of an tree person collage with 1915 photo merge whats contemporary issueDanny Roberts Aunt and uncles in the 1940s in a collage mixed in currency from other countries in the whats contemporary issue a mirrored image of my aunt and uncles in the 1940s for the whats contemporary issueDanny roberts collage for whats contemporary issue of his mom grandma uncles and aunt with roberts st basils cathedral backdrop

Hello friends!!
well, Here are the full set of images that i made for my What's Contemporary issue!
I know the Collages are alot different from my usually but i really like it them.
Please go to whatscontemporary.com/dannyroberts to see the issue.
and let me know what you think, i hope you like them :)

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Zuzanna Bijoch (Next, NY)

My What's Contemporary Issue

A collage image from Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his issue of Whats Contemporary Photo is of Danny Aunt Gina As a kid in 1940

Well, it's finally here!
My What's Contemporary issue is finally up!
I will wait to post the rest of the images tomorrow, but you can check out the full issue up at www.whatscontemporary.com.
All the images in the collages were made out of portions I sampled from different currencies from all over the world, as well as scans I made of old family photos my mom inherited when my grandma died a few years ago. It was a really special experience going through the photo's and incorporating them into my pictures. The image above is of my aunt when she was a little girl and when she was in high school. The Full concept is up on the site. I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think :)

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Joan Smalls (IMG, NY):

This photo humors me of the first shot I took of Joan back when she was still with Elite Models in early 2008. She was walking down Broadway between Prince and Spring streets. When I asked for her photo she told me I should talk to her booker. Naturally, I snagged a candid shot of her hailing a cab regardless, which actually turned out pretty good. How times have changed since then!