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Dries Van Noten shirt, MINKPINK shorts courtesy of Nasty Gal 

I love these shorts. They remind me of old school Chloé.

How to style a dress 10 ways

Here's the latest style video based around styling a floor length dress.  If you have something similar then I hope this is useful!!

Summer has officially kicked off so it's time to share some tips on getting more mileage out of key summer pieces.

Above all - have FUN when you dress up. That's the important bit.  

Future episodes:    If there is another item you would like to see styled in multiple ways, just let me know.

Essential Equipment

In Realms Strange and Fantastical

Siri Tollerod photographed by Yelena Yemchuk for Bergdorf Goodman s/s 2008

there will come a time

love gif hands holding
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ph: The Berry | Jelanie

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson/SupergaUSA Party

Alessandra Codinha

Filipa Fino

DJ Harley Viera Newton

Jane Keltner de Valle (L) Fiona Byrne (R)

Laurel Pantin

Last night on Crosby Street and Prince at the Crosby Hotel, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson hosted a party in celebration of their collaboration withSuperga.  If you want to see what their sneakers look like, click HERE for an image on my instagram.  The lights were flashing as fashion’s A-listers arrived in all their couture splendor.  Everyone from American Vogue’s Meredith Melling Burke to Old School bloggers like Julia Frakes was in attendance.  Ornate decor on the inside ripe with mini lemon trees accessorized the amazing selection of gourmet snacks and fruits.  Mixologists tended bar diligently in the back.  Meanwhile, everyone was oogling the new line of sneakers which are now available at the Soho Store.  I say they are the perfect accessory for a photographer like myself during fashion month madness.

Do you ever get freaked out at night?

We've talked about living alone and seeing movies alone, but what about sleeping alone...
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Wes Anderson movies

Our friends saw Wes Anderson's new movie Moonrise Kingdom this week and said it was wonderful. (It has also been getting rave reviews.) Have you seen it yet? But my favorite Wes Anderson film was...
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Night Of Summer Stars

Finding this abandoned barn was pure luck: I was home alone for the second day in a row and didn't expect either of my roommates home on an 88 degree day in our little non-air conditioned house, so after running errands and eating Thai food in bed I decided I ought to get in the car to do more than just grocery shopping and post office visiting and I thought it might be nice to visit my old college campus which I haven't been to since I graduated and it was always a pretty place tucked away with fields and river, but halfway there I spied these decaying steeples through a cluster of trees and made the sudden decision to exit the highway and weave around some backroads until I finally was face-to-face with the abandoned builings. Like I said, pure luck--I need to make more spontaneous decisions to drive off on random adventures.
Outfit details:
Seychelles sandals

I wore this last Wednesday.

{Blouse: Similar | Similar Jeans: Target or J.Crew }

You know what's cruel? Posting old photos of a good hair day on a day that you aren't having a good hair day. It's a reminder of what could have been. Sigh.

This post was about to become an ode to mint jeans, but as I was looking at these photos I realized that these "ankle-cut jeans" don't actually hit my ankles. I'm eye-balling it but that's a good 3 inches up from my ankles, which makes them "cankle-cut jeans". I'm not sure I would have bought them had I noticed the word 'cankle' on the tag. But on the other hand, I have mint colored jeans so that trumps overly long ankles any day. 

office space of the day...wide open windows

pink rug + chrome chairs + gold accent desk + champagne bucket + fiddle leaf tree + open windows =
domestic bliss
See more beautiful images here>>>

Mini Grilling

It really feels like summertime in NYC. There's that certain smell, and I always sleep differently in the summer...waking up at odd hours to turn on the air conditioner. But this is still my favorite time of the year, even though I'm gross and sticky half the time. It's both leg and barbeque season and I could stay on my friend's rooftop in Brooklyn forever, overlooking the crazy city I call my home. This evening ended up with my friends and I covering just about everything we were grilling with pure barbeque sauce...that is, before we realized how good it would be to eat sauce straight from the bottle. Oohhhh, summer nights, you're going to rock.

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My go-to favorites.

Wearing Karen Walker sunglasses, American Apparel shirt, sweater, and jacket, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots, and a Chanel bag.

by Alexis Anne

i want more

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I don’t know why.

Why I was so foolish to have fallen for the fairytale.

I have foolishly fallen in love with a man who cannot love me the way I deserve to be loved.

But what I deserve is so grand, I wonder if any man will ever be able to pull it off.

Not without great confidence… and passion, that’s for sure.

Why aren’t you that man? You told me you could be.

You held that confidence once. But where was the passion?

Where was that passion? Was it ever there? Does it even matter to you?

I don’t know why.

Why I believed you.

That you were “in it to win it”.

But you pictured your future with me. Didn’t you?

Was it as beautiful as I imagined it could be?

I want you to fight for us. I want you to come running with grand gestures. I want you to have passion and love and a determined commitment to the concept of “us” – as best friends, as lovers, as partners, as a whole new entity that moves together.

I want you to kiss me from the bottom of your heart and tell me that you will never leave me. That you will always fight for us. Because you believe in us. That we have something special that transcends any challenge that comes our way. I want you to be my fantasy.

I want you to be the man that sweeps me off my feet. I want you to be the man that I can trust to hold my hand, my heart, and my soul. The man I want to raise children with. I want to let our egos go and just fall into each other’s arms. I want to feel like you never want to let me go.

I want more than what you are willing to give.

I don’t know why.