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Color Blocked....again.

{Top: Similar | Skirt: J.Crew - Citron | Bag: Brahmin - Vivian | Necklace: Gaby Burger}

Let this be known: it is hard to be a wallflower in bright purple and yellow. I'm not much for commanding a crowd; in fact I'd rather just slink into a room, go unnoticed for a bit and then slink right out. So my love for bright clothing and my need to be a wallflower is completely ironic. It's hard not to draw attention when dressed like a crayon in 4" heels with a matching purse. Touche, bright yellow skirt that no one bought at J.Crew so I got it on sale, touche. 

And yes, my shirt does have wings, which is much less confusing on a day that the wind isn't blowing. Just when will the weather comply with my wardrobe needs?!

My top was last seen here // The skirt was remixed here and here